About Us

Suste is derived by combining parts of our First Names

The technical aspects are largely my responsibility (Steve); my other passion is animation of still images. Sue has the flare and creativity, frequently producing extremely detailed graphics which can be found though out our websites.

Sue is often the first point of contact, collating all the information.

Four page websites and above receive 4 hours Skype tuition, this is a pro rata, 3 pages receive 3 hour and so on.  Designed and tailored to meet your needs Sue has a real flare for teaching, giving you a simplified and easy to understand explanations.

You may not require any coaching but we are available to answer any queries or advise you on where to find the answer.

We are both mature and have always had a healthy respect for what computers and the software programs can achieve. Having invested monies and time in learning the latest techniques, we are able to offer a great service tailored to your specific requirement.

 Understanding customer needs in today's environment are never overlooked, Suste Easysites are now able to offer e-commerce websites solutions at very competitive rates contact Sue for more details. 




My Advertising Pays, It Pays To Be On M.A.P!
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