"Image is everything"..... we can help make it happen

Easysites believes in delivering a reliable service which we are proud to be associated with.

Website loading speed is always important and for that reason we now host our websites on a server base in the United Kingdom. The feed back received from our customers is that the websites are loading faster. 

The hosting provider we use can and are able to supply ourselves with servers at different locations throughout the world which ensures we can if required host a site locally.

Focussing on server location is important to maintain loading speeds. In the past our focus was on price but we found our loading speed suffered resulting in our customer satisfaction decreasing which is unacceptable.

Our growing business is built on delivering a complete package, which includes design, hosting, email functions, domain registration. Advice on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and we give extended support to our customer.


E commerce programs are available and can be fully adapted to you business requirements.


We now offer graphic's designs for stationary, business cards or email signatures which will bring together your business image in line with your website.

Easysites has been developing a mobile website section, as today's users are more frequently using mobile device to search the internet.

We now use wordpress themes adapted to meet each clients needs, which allows the client to modify there website without incurring any addition costs. As part of the package offered by ourselves we will give coaching sessions on how to add content on your wordpress site these sessions can be delivered by a number of options to suit yourselves.

Designed to meet your needs we deliver the coaching session in half hour slots and you will receive up to 6 half our slots with each website order.

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